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Why text ad link building is important to your website

Text ads are a source of targeted traffic.

Text ads from similar themed websites drive relevant traffic interested in your website and the products it offers. Targeted traffic is more apt to convert into a sale. When you buy relevant links you gain both direct and indirect value.

Relevant text ad raise your natural search engine rankings.

Text ads connect you to the major search engines for inclusion into their data­base. Additionally, search engines use links in their relevancy algorithms. By securing links on relevant websites you are ensuring that your website will be included and ranked accordingly. Building incoming links to your website helps increase your organic search engine rankings.

Why text ad popularity is the top factor in top search engine rankings.

The Value of text ad link building versus Content

It used to be said that content is king. And while content is an important ingredient in developing a commercially successful website, link popularity is proving to be the deciding factor on what will or will not rank well, especially on Google. Off page criteria has grown into the primary ranking factor in the major search engines.

Text ad link popularity analysis makes Google famous

The biggest feature that sets Google apart from their search engine competition was PageRank. Most search engines at the time looked at on-page factors to analyze what a web page was about. On-page factors are essentially how a website reads and the words contained therein. There was no verification from other parties.

What Google did was analyze what other websites were saying about a particular web page by analyzing incoming links to a website. Google’s algorithm ranks websites primarily on:
1. The volume of incoming links to a webpage.
2. The quality of the incoming links to a webpage.
3. The anchor text (link text) of the incoming link to your webpage.

Volume of Text Ads

The more links pointing to a website, the more important it is assumed to be. This is part of what goes into the mix of calculating PageRank.

A website like Yahoo is judged to be important because thousands of websites around the web are pointing to it. And if an important website links to your website, then your website is also judged to be important, which brings us to the aspect of quality.

Quality of Text Ads

All incoming links are not the same. A link from Yahoo is judged to be more authoritative than a link from a poorly linked website. A link from a website that has a high number of naturally occurring inbound links and is themed the same as your website is a high quality link.

The web is divided by “neighbourhoods” relative to their theme as well as quality. Google makes reference to “bad neighbourhoods” and it’s important to stay out of them. Free for all (FFA) link exchanges are an example of a low quality link e-neighbourhood.

Anchor Text

Since people naturally use descriptive text when linking to other websites, Google analyzes anchor text. It used to be enough to attain a handful of high PageRank links with relevant anchor text in order to rank well, but now it is important to achieve links from a wide variety of websites with descriptive anchor text. As search engine space becomes more competitive it will be imperative to secure a high volume of high quality incoming links.

How Text Ad Links Help Your Website

The citation analysis model allows the web community to, in essence, vote for the top results. The problem is that if the web community cannot see your website (it currently does not rank well on the search engines), it’s never going to vote on it.

Another flaw is that while a 'natural growth' of links is possible with a website that is creating ideas, such as a blog, this does not happen naturally with most commercial websites. Commercial websites are obligated to create content that inspires linking and take a proactive stance toward developing inbound links.

How Best to Acquire Links

The challenge is to achieve a high number of inbound links with relevant an­chor text. One can hire someone to accomplish the arduous chore of attaining links (through reciprocal link exchanges) with a limited prospect of success. The problems with reciprocal linking are that it takes significant time investment and search engines can discount reciprocal links. Search engines give a higher value to one way links to your website.

A more effective method of link building is purchasing links from high quality relevant websites who are willing to sell advertising space. The link-text advertising model has eased the process of attaining links. Below are tips to help you in developing an effective link buying strategy.

Link Buying Tip #1: Buy Relevancy.

Not simply PageRank

The first criteria when buying links should be the relevancy of the web page where your link will be placed. Buying links based solely on PageRank is not recommended. There are many linking factors that contribute to high search engine rankings and buying links solely on PageRank will not accomplish your goals. This is why it is not unusual to see pages with a low PageRank ranking high on Google.

Relevant links are links on websites that have a chance at reaching your target market. If you have a real estate website then of course advertising on other real estate websites or real estate sections would be a good choice but advertising on other related sites such as: mortgage sites, moving company sites, local area guides, etc, would also be relevant to your general theme. It does not seem that Google, Yahoo, or MSN are currently giving more weight to themed links but it will happen in the future.

There are many reasons to make relevancy the number one criteria when buying text link ads. Reasons for buying on topic, relevant links are:

-They have the best chance of driving targeted traffic to your website.

-In the long term, relevant links will be viewed as a more valuable to search algorithms and will continue to become more valuable as search engines evolve. Google has worked hard to move away from

Here is what Google has to say:

“Google goes far beyond the number of times a term appears on a page and examines all aspects of the page’s content (and the content of the pages linking to it) to determine if it’s a good match for your query.”

High PageRank versus Topically Relevant Links

Buying random PageRank on unrelated web pages is not a good investment. A few reasons why buying raw PageRank, independent of evaluating the relevancy of the link, may not be in your interest:

• If a site is selling off topic link space to you they may also sell off topic to other sites. The sites which sell a high volume of off topic links are the sites which are most likely to get their PageRank blocked or have their site removed from the Google index.

How are text link ads priced?

Text link ads are generally priced at a flat monthly rate. There are a number of factors when determin­ing the price for a text link ad, among them are:

• The traffic of the site you are advertising on. The higher the traffic numbers the higher the price. To get a general idea of the traffic of a website you can check the Alexa ranking. This can be found at: http://www.alexa.com The lower the ranking the more traffic it receives. Note these rankings are skewed toward webmaster related websites and are not exact traffic figures, it will just give you a gen­eral idea.

• The number of pages your link will appear on. You will pay more for a “site wide” ad than a “single page” ad. The more pages the higher the price. If you are getting a site wide ad then you can search on the search engines to see how many pages they will see your link on by using this search:


It is common to pay twice as much per month for a site wide text link ad versus a single page text link ad.

• The location of the link. The homepage is generally the most powerful page in terms of both traffic and link popularity strength. A homepage link is priced higher than a sub-page link.

• The link authority score of the page (PageRank). As determined by Google’s PageRank score 1-10. *It is not wise to purchase text link ads solely on the PageRank of a web page. Relevancy should be the first criteria. In general the higher the PageRank of the page the higher the price.

• Authority page links have higher value. High PageRank does not always equal high value. It is much more important to have a link from a page with many unique domains linking to it and is on theme to your website.

• The theme of the site. Some themes are more competitive and thus more commercially valuable.

• The number of other text link advertisements on the page. The fewer the number of outbound advertising links the higher the price. We do not recommend advertising on websites with more than 15 advertising links and the fewer number of outbound links the better.

• The position on the web page of your text link ad. Text link ads placed “above the fold” or in an area that is more likely to be clicked on are higher priced than ads stuck near the footer of the web page.

- Quoted from Text-ad-links.com


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